Hope: Northern Spring

Northern spring, the dramatist

With birdsong it’s prolonged prelude

Theater dark with a distant hint of night-ending rain

Drizzled snowmelt fog fades-in and lingers

Its misted-veil curtain draws back

Saturating audience with Heavenly Light

As the crocus/daffodil/tulip chorus line leaps onto the stage

Resurrecting withered souls with hope restored

CH 3-21-19


God: Patient Father

sometimes I disappear

everywhere or nowhere

planning and running and achieving

then beaten and slowing I nosedive




step back out

look both ways

and plunge forward again

sometimes you disappear

and I wonder where you are

everywhere or nowhere

driven down or plunging forward

or has my own self-abosorption

locked the door

we reappear as if all was well

stepping out from the where

to the now

Cindy Hammond

March 19, 2012

Jesus: Truth

He never leaves me

I always feel His presence

walking with me 

Reflecting back

when I look in the mirror 

His Spirit within me 

I look for Him in others 

and to my despair 

I see Him in so few

Many recite and repeat truths without belief 

My heart is burdened by their refusal to truly see Jesus 

The prison cell they lock themselves in 

The veil they hide behind 

To block the very Light 

They claim to desire 

While name-dropping Him to gain credibility  

Not fearing God but using Him

Their misrepresentation is the very reason I have heard people say “Christians hate me” 

If they saw only hate, there was no reflection of Jesus because we were called to love 

Some blindly preach to me and fail to see the Light is already in me

Some refuse to recognize 

Their eyes do not see

Their ears do not hear

They remain farther from Truth and Light, by choice

Than those who have never once heard it 

I’m saddened that “secular Christian” friends refuse God’s Light

And work to dim the Light in me for fear it will expose the hardened darkness that lurks beneath their mask

The darkness that drives the desires they refuse to give up 

The desires that are never quenched enslave them 

The desires that, once abandoned, will allow the Light that will quench that one desire to experience and share perfect Love

The Love I see when I look within 

When I look in the mirror 

The Light I am looking for in the hearts of others 

The Light I so desperately want to share 

CH 3-4-18

Jesus: Identity

I am yours, Lord

Your daughter

Your bride

Your servant

You have labored to love me

I’ve wounded you like I would no other

And through it all you’ve loved me

Rescued and saved me

Reshaped by the sculptor Almighty

I am Yours, Lord

Your daughter

Your bride

Your servant

And I love you, Lord, above all else

Cindy Hammond


Faith: Light


Holding on to the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit holding me

Breathing life



To anyone within reach

Do they recognize you, Lord?

Do they feel you?

Do they see your Spirit in me?

Gonna tell them cause I can’t hold it in

Can’t leave them wondering why my face won’t clear this grin

Can’t wait to tell them my joy’s origin

That all they gotta do is invite You in

For the Holy Spirit to shine in them

Cindy Hammond